About DeShannon

thumbnailHello; Are you tired of living your life just making it. Do you struggle with knowing that your future is bright but your present is dim? Well then you are in the right place.

Hi! I am DeShannon Bynum Dixon. I’m an Executive Leadership Coach. I equip men and women with the skill-set and mindset they need to LIVE LIFE BEYOND GOOD.

As the former CEO of a Private Healthcare company, I have learned over the years how to move from front-line to management. Success in life requires a Shift in Thinking and a Shift in Execution.

As an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, my goal is to assist you in LIVING LIFE BEYOND GOOD!

Who My Blog Can Help

I have helped women and men with high potential make a change in move through transition. If you are tired of living your life based on some-else’s process, then this site is for you. If you find your life in transition because you have lost your job, or you are making a career change, then this site is for you. If you thinking of moving from Corporate America into entrepreneurship, then this site is for you.

What I Write About

While I cover many subjects in this website. I mainly concentrate on these areas where transition occurs. These are pain points for many. I write about the  resources and tools that will push you to your destiny.

Here are some of the topics I write about:



Gratitude & Happiness

Business & Strategy



Daily Devotional (Spiritual Empowerment)

Quick Bio

DeShannon Bynum Dixon is the type of encourager you didn’t know you needed. A Entrepreneur, a Bible teacher, an instructor, associate minister, a sister, and a friend.
She is often asked for advice both personal and professional.
She has a way of looking at a situation that makes you STOP and THINK.
She is your biggest cheerleader in your quest to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.
Having discovered several life altering methods, she declares ” you get what you say” she wants to share her insights with you.

She is available to speak to you personally, your group or your organization.

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