DeShannon is available to meet you at the point of your needs. Whether you trying to decide your next career move, a business professional who needs to interact with someone who has “been there and done that”, to the church organization that wants to take the “here’s something different” approach, a healthcare organization needing someone to look over their business plan and all persons in between.
Other Services

Interview Skills Coaching

Interviews can be scary things! How often do you have to present yourself as the answer to someone’s prayers? Learn More

Medical Practice Consulting

DeShannon has over 20 years of Healthcare Experience. Get the expertise of a former CEO without the ongoing cost. DeShannon has an eye for readily identifying ways to reduce expenses while increasing revenue. Don’t sell out just yet, let her take a look at your business plan, you may be surprised that you can remain autonomy in todays changing market. Are you staffed appropriately, are you retaining patients, do you have the correct payor mix? Are your vendors giving you the discounts you deserve? These along with other proven methods may be just the answer you business is seeking.

Personal Development

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you fed up with life as you’ve been living it? Do you just need someone to talk to? Are you thinking about a life change and need the extra push to “go for it” DeShannon takes a faith based approach to “living your best life” allow her to share with you how she thinks, lives and expects her life to be better than good, beyond good. Sometimes you may need some to just help you make sense of if all.

Professional Development

Do you find yourself wondering if your career has come to a standstill? Are you often bored at work? Do you constantly seek “other” things to do to fill your workday? Have you ever wondered “do I really have to “know” someone to make it to the corner office?”  Are you ready to take on more responsibility and just need to be given the chance? Not only does DeShannon help the job seekers, but she also empowers the employed to keep climbing the business ladder. Personally she worked her way up from the reception desk to behind the CEO desk. She enjoys helping people reach their career goals. Take a look at her “Career Development” blogs to give you an idea of her methods.

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