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Thank you for considering me for your event. Believe me I do not take your consideration lightly.

As a CEO and trainer, I have arranged events for my staff on many occasions. I understand that a speaker can make or break your event.

My goal is to motivate, empower and equip your audience and move them to action. I give a sharp focus to the fresh inspiration, tools and strategies your attendees need to catapult themselves to the next level of success.

Clients include organizations like:
  • Women’s Leadership Events
  • Association and Civic Groups
  • Nonprofits and Foundations
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Young Business Professionals
  • Leadership & Fellowship Programs

Speakers Bio

DeShannon is the perfect combination of a successful CEO and engaging speaker with a plethora of information to share.

IMG_4028DeShannon has over 20 years experience elevating and empowering people. She worked her way from office manager to one of the only Female CEO’s in the private healthcare field.  As the CEO in a successful business, she has coached thousands of professionals on living life beyond good.

Armed with a southern style humor and charm, DeShannon has the ability to get directly to the point and speak to the hearts of people of whom she is interacting. She incorporates experience that leaves a lasting impact on the audience. She has the ability to tell a story and make it come to life.

DeShannon is a straight shooter that gets to the heart of the issues of the audience. Her keynote will leave both mesmerized and inspired.

Most Requested Speaking Topics & Seminars

Living  Life Beyond Good

I’m often asked what does it mean to live your life beyond good. In order to really understand this you first have to understand what is good. If being good Is average, then How do you push yourself past just being good. I often tell people when I’m interviewing them. I can find good anywhere.  In order to work for me you need to be beyond good. In this seminar I discussed the five ways of moving past average and living beyond good.

Fearless Interviewing

No matter whether you’re looking for your first job, moving up in your company, or just presenting to a group of people. There are skills that are paramount to your success. For many people they think that the interview starts when they sit down in front of the interviewer. But, in most cases the interview starts in the parking lot. In this course I will go through the 10 top steps to having a fearless interview. Including my all time favorite “I got this exit”.

Inspirational Topics- for Religious Organizations


Among many more — Please contact our office to check my availability and we can custom a talk or workshop for your group or event.

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