HEY DeShannon!!! I just wanted to extend a very hearty and sincere Thank You to you for all of your support, preparation, prayers, encouragement and most importantly love. You stepped in and offered up your skills and talents to lil ole me at a time when I truly needed encouragement. As a result, I am now employed as an EPIC Credentialed Trainer @ GHS hospital training all of the hospital staff on this new software(Started Oct. 12). I will take everything you taught me everywhere I go. I’m walking in VICTORY! You are definitely a black woman who rocks! Love you Thank you again!!!

C.W Spartanburg, SC

Insightful and inspiring! Very knowledgable speaker who shares pertinent, current information. I would recommend her to diverse groups!

S.S. Jacksonville, NC

I am a Human Resource Assistant for the Department of Defense for the past 5 years. Mrs. DeShannon Bynum Dixon facilitated a self-development conference at our church! Emmanuel Christian Church which consisted of life skill training. She did an excellent job of teaching us resume writing and interview skills and how to negotiate your salary. It has been four months since her dynamic training and I’m excited to say I have secured a new position at the Department of Veteran Affairs. The best part about it I received a raise and a promotion!!! I will begin my new position September 8 with a $4000.00 increase in my salary. Thank you DeShannon!!!!!”

EB, Richmond Hills, Ga

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. DeShannon while she was the guest speaker at a teen’s conference. It was an awesome experience watching her connect with the young ladies. Even while discussing the more difficult topics she kept the teens engaged. Her analogies about real life issues will leave a lasting impression on an audience of any age. I admire her ability to inspire others to put their words into action! Most importantly, I really appreciate Ms. DeShannon being a transparent and authentic speaker!”

JL, Atlanta

DeShannon is a contributing writer for REJOICE Magazine! I’ve also had the pleasure of attending several workshops where she was the speaker. She brings motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to all platforms. Her consultations bring about positive change. Certainly, when DeShannon SPEAKS, it will be something DYNAMIC — nothing less than golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom!”

C. Brown, Editor

I consider it an honor and privilege to have attended numerous speaking engagements lead by DeShannon Dixon. Mrs. Dixon is a consummate professional and a powerful speaker with a robust knowledge of life circumstances. When DeShannon SPEAKS, she captivates her audience and those in attendance have no choice but to LISTEN! As a result, since July 2015 I have been utilizing DeShannon as my career coach in my pursuit of a new employment opportunity. She has done a remarkable job in revising my resume and preparing me for interviews to receive credible recognition from profound organizations. I am excited to say that since working with DeShannon I have been on several interviews and I am now in a position to chose my next career and command the salary that I deserve instead of accepting what is offered. DeShannon is by far a PHENOMENAL WOMAN!”

CW, South Carolina

My experience with DeShannon Dixon is a top-notch career coach! She does not give you cookie-cutter instructions on how to enhance your presentation and reach your career goals. She takes the time to listen and assess who you are and where you want to go! Her years of experience as a high-level CEO in various industries, has given her an edge that is rare. She can take a basic resume and turn it into a portfolio that promotes the excellence within her clients, thus she has an extremely high success rate with her clients. I would highly recommend her for life-coaching, career counseling and entrepreneurship training! She shares advice and wisdom that would take 20 years to learn.

BH, Maryand


The coaching experience I had with Deshannon Bynum Dixon was wonderful. After being laid off from my job I was very depressed and felt defeated even before I even tried to apply for other jobs. Being employed at my previous job for 10 yrs, I had no idea how to start over. I attended one of Deshannon’s coaching session back in 2011. Soon as I walked in the room she exerted so much energy, I became excited, yet I was still guarded at first. I thought it was going to be one of those boring, you should do this and you should do that. DeShannon got everyone involved! Hearing her voice and seeing her energy got me excited and ready for the experience! She critiqued us from what we wore for an interview, our resumes, our energy… It was so refreshing to know that someone actually cared and want to give us the skills to not only survive and interview but be able to re-enter or enter the workforce. I interviewed for a job at the end of 2011 and used every tool I left her coaching session with and nailed my interview! I walked in with the confidence. It’s 2015 I am still with the same company and will continue to use her skills to climb the corporate ladder. Thank you DeShannon I will never forget you.

JL, Jacksonville, NC
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Mrs. Dixon,

Thank you so much for accepting my son as a client. He needed a job but wasn’t sure how to start. You gave him so much confidence that he was able to interview and get a job within 2 weeks of meeting with you. As a mom, I thank you but as a mom of a working son, I double, triple, thank you.

JS, Garner, NC


Thank you so much for coaching me through my interview. I was able to frame my answer in such a way that I was offered the job ON THE SPOT! I couldn’t have done it without you. I am telling my friends about you.

RT, Wilmington, NC


First let me thank you for rewriting my resume”. I “thought” my current resume was just fine, but when I opened the email you sent, I was blown away. I can confidently say my resume matches my skills set. I can’t wait to have our next session. I need to be able to accurately answer ALL the questions.

HL, Georgia

Dear DeShannon,

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the help you have given me, thus far, in upgrading my resume. Your knowledge and expertise has given me insight as to how much more I have to offer a prospective employer. I feel much more confident in preparing to present myself for a any interviews I will obtain. I look forward to our next meeting.

Kind regards,

DP, Raleigh

DeShannon has a down-to-earth approach to career coaching and leadership development that immediately puts her client at ease. Her ability to sift through the non-essential details and get to the true issues is invaluable. Being a senior executive uniquely positions DeShannon to coach from the “hiring manager” perspective and to help clients reframe their experiences and skills in language that sets them apart. Being able to role play and answer targeted interview questions were instrumental in my recent successful job search. I would highly recommend DeShannon for career coaching, as well as, executive and leadership development

LG, Durham

DeShannon Dixon is very detail-oriented and produced high quality expertise on her current role. I really enjoyed working with her

RH, Raleigh


I recently attended a women conference where DeShannon talked about the 3 little pigs. I was blown away. She is a must have for our conference next year.

T.D, Charlotte


I had been on several interviews and I wasn’t getting hired. A friend of my heard about DeShannon from a family member. I was skeptical at first and didn’t want to “hand over my money” to a complete stranger BUT after 10 minutes on the phone with DeShannon I knew she knew her stuff. She coached me through 20 of the most asked interview questions helping me to frame my answers appropriately. She made me see things from the hiring managers perspective. I never looked at it this way before. To make a long story short. I got the job. I can’t thank DeShannon enough. I am recommending her to my friends who haven’t been able to get jobs after completing college. DeShannon lunch is on me ( after I get my first check)

HW, Greensboro


Comments from a company presentation:

The thing that I thought was most interesting is how much things have changed in the hiring game in the last couple of years. The examples of what to do and what not to do were very helpful.

I do not think I would change anything about the presentation. It was informative, interactive and kept my attention the entire time.

I think the most interesting thing about the presentation was the information regarding how the HR landscape has changed. Resumes being scanned for keywords, formats needing to be different, etc.

The most interesting part of the presentation for me was learning that it’s important to ask questions at an interview.

The only thing I would have changed is the time. I would have loved for it to be a bit longer just to go more in depth with some of the topics.

DeShannon’s presentation was wonderful. Extremely informative in all information given. Her humor and personal experience added a lighter side to the presentation. She should not change a thing.